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Innovation Services

Business is at a crossroads. The world is becoming increasingly digital, presenting limitless opportunities. Digital Technology has matured to real world readiness. But the paths to innovation are many. Which path is most direct and can deliver the best outcome for your business? The answer differs for each company. Now there’s a way to determine the right innovation answer for your business and take the next step forward on your journey to digital transformation: SAP® Leonardo Innovation Services. Depending on the customer needs we provide three different pathways.

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Available Editions

SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, express edition

SAP delivers thoughtfully packaged innovative capabilities and services – by industry –  to engage with new customers in the context of their business.


SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, open innovation edition

Starting from the individual customer challenge SAP provides an innovation sprint from ideation to proof-of-concept based on the specific challenge within 9 weeks by using comprehensive methodology based on the Design2Innovate approach.


SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, enterprise edition

We offer a holistic innovation approach based on the open innovation edition plus further services like a showroom and empowerment to ramp-up customer skills.


Guidance, Skills, and Expertise
for Your Digital Transformation


Taking the step towards a digital approach to business is clear. Knowing where and how to begin may be the challenge. What’s needed is guidance, skills, and expertise with the latest technologies, and that’s precisely what the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services provide.


This structured approach to digital transformation provides a first proof of concept for your specific business scenario. You can share this proof of concept with decision makers to get buy in and accelerate the development of a marketable solution.

Take a High-Level Tour of the Scope


SAP Leonardo Innovation Services help you identify and connect new business scenarios to enabling technologies to shorten time to market. You can explore innovative technologies, business models, and processes on your path towards digitalization without a big up-front commitment.


The open innovation edition facilitates digital transformation by combining the following components:

Digital Design Zone

Experience an agile design process that puts you at the center of every stage of the innovation process. The result is a proof of concept of your most relevant innovation use case, leveraging design thinking practices and in partnership with SAP AppHaus, guided by a dedicated innovation coach.

Innovation platform

Gain access to a service-enriched SAP Cloud Platform for fast implementation of your proof-of-concept on the innovation platform , so you can “try before you buy” and quickly transition to production.

The enterprise edition adds the following components on top:

Show Room

Explore innovation use cases, challenges other companies have faced, and SAP solutions. You can review the selection of cases and technology modules that can serve as inspiration for digital transformation leveraging SAP Cloud Platform.

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Participate in remote online training sessions for expert-guided cloud development to prepare your staff for the future.

Inspire your business

SAP Leonardo Innovaiton Services,
open innovation edition

SAP Leonardo Innovaiton Services,
SAP enterprise edition

Enable your IT infrastructure for digital transformation

Food for Your Ideas – Be Inspired in the Showroom

The showroom is an ever-expanding repository of innovation use cases, enterprise-to-enterprise business-integration scenarios, and SAP technology scenarios. These can serve as an inspiration for your own digital innovation by showing you the possibilities with SAP technologies and how other companies are using it to realize their business vision.

Materialize Your Ideas – Fast-Track Development in the Digital Design Zone

With the digital design zone, you can experience design thinking and the latest digital innovation methods. The design process is packaged into key building blocks, including exploration workshops for identifying a portfolio of digital opportunities and to validate one as a digital use case. Your innovation coach guides you through the process, bringing together your team and SAP solution architects, designers, and developers. This person will use the momentum you gained during the workshops and helps drive the results your business needs.


It fast-tracks the exploration and identification of your digital innovation portfolio and provides hands-on experience with methods and opportunities to differentiate with SAP Cloud Platform. SAP Leonardo Innovation Services provide a concrete output in the form of a first proof of concept, or prototype. Your team can use this proof of concept to demonstrate the value of an investment in digital technology that you can then test and optimize for further development.

Build on Your Power – Empowerment

Business transformation is about making fundamental changes in how your business is conducted. To build the momentum of your digital transformation, the enterprise edition of SAP Leonardo Innovation Services empowers your people through expert-guided cloud development sessions.


The empowering sessions are interactive, Web based. SAP experts explain step-by-step development using training materials and access to SAP Cloud Platform. Each session has a maximum of 20 participants per session, with each company enrolling no more than 5 participants. This small instructor-to-participant ratio enhances the learning experience for the greatest knowledge sharing.

Increase the Speed of Innovation – SAP Cloud Platform

For transitioning from prototype to production, SAP Leonardo Innovation Services provide 12-month access to SAP Cloud Platform. To experience how SAP Cloud Platform integrates the processes of your proof of concept to your existing solution landscape, you can connect your company’s back-end IT infrastructure to the platform.

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