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A SAP Model Company is a pre-packaged, ready-to-use, end-to-end reference solution, tailored to an industry or line of business. It comprises state-of-the-art applications and proven best practices and encapsulates the experience from successful, real-life digital transformation projects. Embedded in an overall transformation road map and delivered as a service, a model company driven approach enables our customers to reduce cost, decrease risk, and accelerate adoption during discovery, preparation, exploration, and realization activities.

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Each SAP Model Company is based on the SAP Digital Business Framework, the Industry Reference Architecture
and SAP Activate and comes with the following building blocks:

A preconfigured solution, which includes all required applications, customizing settings, and sample data to get started immediately. The solution is prepackaged as an appliance and can be run by our customers in the cloud or on premise.

Business content including end-to-end process models which encompass our experience and knowledge relevant to the industry or line of business. This includes e.g. sample workflows, reports, enhancements and forms.

Accelerators including configuration and how-to guides, test and demo scripts, implementation tools or e.g. questionnaires.

Services including hand-over and enablement workshops to jumpstart discovery, preparation, exploration and realization.

Quickly deploy and use latest SAP solutions in the cloud

Combined with our SAP value assurance service packages, customers kick start the digital transformation at minimal risk. No matter whether their current priority is on early prototyping, detailed solution design and fit-gap analysis or implementation. And they can leverage additional project services together with a SAP Model Company to address their specific needs.

SAP Model Company Discovery

SAP Model Company Prototype & Design

SAP Model Company Implementation

  • Introduction of SAP Model Company solution
  • Guided tours and ”meet-the-expert” sessions
  • Read-only / generic demo
  • SAP managed platform
  • Fast and easy access (e.g. <24hr)
  • Dedicated Model Company Proof of Concept / sandbox landscape
  • Different deployment options (SAP Cloud, Amazon Web Service, On-Premise)
  • Landscape can be customized
  • Project with the intention to go live
  • Integration into existing customer landscape
  • Different deployment options
  • Project feedback to continously improve SAP Model Company

As a result customers using an SAP Model Company driven implementation approach achieve:

  • Faster time-to-value through accelerated business decisions, a jump-start for implementations, and fast, simple and flexible deployment of SAP innovations
  • Predictable results through state-of-the-art architecture and best practices, proven end-to-end solutions and business and implementation guides
  • Faster adoption through reduced complexity and ready-to-run appliances,accelerated access to a tailored model company in days and cloud-based deployments of reference solutions

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New Model Company Services from SAP Offers Customers Blueprint for Digital Transformation - by SAP News

SAP SE announced its SAP Model Company services, a prepackaged, ready-to-use, end-to-end reference solution customized to meet specific line-of-business and industry needs. These new services will help customers simplify, accelerate and enable digital transformation by providing a framework based on the broad business process expertise SAP has acquired as a result of decades of project experience.

SAP evolves digitalisation offer - by Steve Brooks (

SAP has announced a new service to help customers transform their businesses. The SAP Model Company services is a pre-packaged service to help companies digitally transform their businesses. The initial solutions are available for ten industries including: core retail, oil and gas, utilities, connected manufacturing; R&D, engineering and sustainability. SAP has promised to deliver more solutions later in the year.