One Support Experience for All Customers

When talking about software solutions, you expect consistent and seamless support to business processes irrespective of how they are deployed – in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid scenarios. The SAP ONE Support program focuses on driving simplicity by harmonizing support offerings and dramatically reducing the complexity of managing hybrid landscapes. No matter your deployment option, you can expect the same level of support you expect from SAP.


Agility and innovation of the cloud

You understand the potential of a cloud-based environment. SAP ONE Support builds on this potential by providing you end-to-end lifecycle management of your entire SAP software environment so you can focus on the business processes that drive business value


Protection of on-premise investments

Investments in SAP’s on-premise solutions stay protected and you will continue to receive industry-leading support for running and deploying SAP’s on-premise solutions. The on-premise support offerings and related service portfolio, methodology, and infrastructure will continue to be developed and enhanced.


Combine the best of all deployment scenarios

With hybrid solutions you can mix the ideal coverage on-premise and cloud that fits for your environment. No matter the mix, your systems benefit from an end-to-end, holistic support coverage that will help you transition to the cloud at your speed.

SAP ONE Support Launchpad

SAP is committed to reducing the complexity of its support and service experience too, and is currently developing the new SAP ONE Support launchpad in close cooperation with customers as part of the SAP ONE Support program.

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SAP ONE Support is available through the SAP Enterprise Support offering. And should you have higher support needs you can continue to take advantage of the premium support engagements offerings, SAP ActiveEmbedded and SAP MaxAttention.

SAP ONE Support enables you to focus more effectively on the business processes that drive business value – rather than the mechanics of the underlying technology.

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